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Applying to Lee & Kwon 


Career development within LEE&KWON provides more concrete return with more opportunities in many fields. From start point, important projects are assigned to you and you also have sincere review for your work and through this review system you can educate yourself and develop your career capabilities consistently. Some people may develop their career in another field after of experiences in LEE&KWON and these people tends to enter challenging field with a mind of adventures and venture.

Here is a place full of enjoyable events and cases, and also fast growing entity. Therefore, LEE&KWON recruits new persons in many technical fields. Person having technical experiences such as Research and Development experiences are welcomed.

Person LEE&KWON seeks need intellectual interests, devoted spirit and active attitude. In order to get substantial fruit in working, you are requested to capability to co-work with your colleagues and also accurate analytical attitude.

Person with litter technical experience are to be trained to be expert in one or more technical and industrial and finally you are to be patent expert as well as technical expert in that field at some point.

If you want to be our members, please send your resume to lkpat@lkpat.co.kr. Thank you.